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Privacy, please?

April 9, 2010

On Monday I pomised to return and tell you how I took my budget bamboo blinds from see-through to peep-proof in a few easy steps.

I saved a ton of dough by opting for the unlined blinds in my living room and dining room-turned-office. . . but they allow both strangers’ eyes and cold drafts to sneak in through the windows.  I fixed that in a jiffy just by lining them with special drapery fabric.  Here’s the scoop:

How to line and insulate Roman bamboo shades:

1.  Purchase white insulating lining fabric from a sewing store.

2.  Spread out the shade, fully extended, on your work surface.

3.  You’ll see that pull cords run down the back of it, going through little rings.  Untie the pull cords from the bottom, and remove from each ring. Leave them attached at the very top, where all the fancy hardware is.

4.  Figure how much of the back of the shade you need to line.  (For example, I didn’t need to extend the lining to the very bottom, because the shade is doubled up at the bottom.

5.  Cut a piece of liner fabric to fit the shade.

6.  Grab a glue gun to adhere the fabric to the back of the shade with hot glue.

**Notes: I found that three thin vertical rows of glue worked best.  The blue arrows and numbers in the image below show how I applied the glue in three rows.   The red circles show where the rows of cord loops are.   Be sure not to apply glue too close to where the cord loops are.

7.  Once the liner is glued to the shade, carefully use sharp scissors to cut a notch in the fabric where each metal loop is.  Pull the ring through the notch.

8.  Run the cords back through the metal rings, and tie at the bottom as they were before.

9. Hang your shade, and enjoy your newfound privacy.

Tips and tricks:

  • If you have a single shade that is wider than 54″ you will need to line it in sections.  For example, if your shade is 60″ wide, you’ll want to line it with two 30″ sections just to keep things nice and even.
  • Shop around for the best price.  You should be able to find the fabric for less than $7 a yard.
  • If hardcore insulation, and not just privacy, is your goal – be sure to buy “insulating” liner fabric, not just privacy liner fabric.

By all means, if you are confused by my directions, please let me know so I can improve them!  I really love this inexpensive privacy remedy, and hope it helps!

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  1. April 10, 2010 11:59 AM

    NICE! I’ve never even thought about doing this. Okay, so before the blinds go back up in Savannah’s room, I need to hit the fabric sttore…

  2. April 10, 2010 12:00 PM

    Forgive the typo. My fingers are all covered in paint.

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