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Giveaway winner. Goodbye kittens. Inspiration.

March 19, 2010

I’m wrapping up an exciting and busy week with some odds and ends:  my first giveaway winner, foster kitten update, and a link to two  gorgeous room reveals at another small-space living blog.

Giveaway Winner:

I loved reading all the great comments and cake stories!  I’m glad to see the art of homemade cake is still alive and well.  Congrats to Jessica Jones, who has fond memories of making funfetti cakes with her mom.  Check out French Vanilla Vintage, her Etsy store – where she’s selling  (among other things) this precious owl pin.

Friday Inspiration:

You’ve got to hop over to Small and Chic in C-Ville (if you haven’t done so lately) and see Jeannine’s living room and bedroom reveals.  She has done an incredible job decorating her condo.  It’s classy, classic, and modern.  Go! Now!

(Or stay and look at kitten pictures first.)

Foster Kitten Update:

Remember this precious pair of kitten sisters whom I’ve been fostering since . . . . last summer? 

After several homes fell through I’d almost given up.  I’m happy to report that last night they went to a new home with a good friend of mine, where they will surely be loved and spoiled.  After they left the house was insanely quiet.  It was a little weird.  After having them for 8 months,  I miss them, but I know it had to happen – I can’t move to a fabulous new borrowed abode with extra kittens.  My little menagerie is enough.

Did I mention they liked to nurse on the dogs’ faces?  Surely the dogs will NOT miss the kittens.

I’m glad they stayed together because they really love each other.

Have a great weekend!  I’ll be busily finishing up some projects and writing some fun rental-related and pet-related posts for next week.

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  1. March 19, 2010 11:13 AM

    aw, thank you so much for the cake tin! i am really excited to use it!

    the kitties are SO cute. i’m really happy they found a loving home! i wish we could have kitties, but we are in the same boat you are.. landlord wont allow us to have any more than the two dogs we have. maybe one day though :)

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