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Foiled by Fabric

February 26, 2010

Oh no!  Remember when, way back when, I asked my readers to help me decide on the fabric for my living room?  I’d picked out the Norma Orangina fabric from Tonic Living as my primary fabric (for curtains and pillows).  I waited until now to order it, because the amount I needed was going to cost a pretty penny.  Alas – it’s been discontinued!

How could that have happened?  According to the rep at Tonic Living, “it was in high demand when the company went totally out of business.”

(Shout-out to Tonic Living)  The rep I contacted replied to me quickly, and is going to let me know what size remnants they have left.  If they aren’t big enough for pillows, I may give in and purchase the pre-made Orangina pillows that Tonic Living is selling.  But they’re $25 each, which is a lot more than it would have cost me to sew them myself.

This is a decorating disaster.  I really, really loved the fabric.

Is this the price I must pay for responsibly saving up some side money to purchase a slew of fabric? Should I be more impetuous next time?

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  1. February 28, 2010 3:44 PM

    Oh no! This fabric is seriously perfect! I hate when I find something so perfect and for whatever reason it is not possible!

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