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Just A Little Green

February 5, 2010

Yesterday my friend and I popped into Pottery Barn.  I love their accessories!  They’re rustic and a little bit country, yet they can successfully lend a cottagey feel to sleek modern decor.  Right now I’m pining for vintage iron accessories, as well as little green plant accents that bring the outdoors in during the long, cold haul that is February.

This Three Gable Birdhouse, for example, would be fantastic on a bookshelf or credenza.  Heck, it would make a fantastic and slightly-offbeat centerpiece on a grand dining table!  Normally I’d hesitate to put such a large item on a table in my small home, but I feel like the openness of the iron mesh keeps the birdhouse from being too imposing.  It’s totally out of my league at $249, but a girl can dream.

I’ve always loved the casual just-picked look of a handful of flowers set casually in an old glass jar.  Or the beachy, down-to-earth vibe from tea lights and sand nestled in a few jars.  These Found Milk Bottles have the same feel.  Casual, breezy, spring.  Just begging to be set on a table on a porch.  And they’re really not outrageous at only $30 for a set of six.

How about this Arched Iron Grid?  Pottery Barn’s website suggests that the attached pegs allow you to create your own wall collage.  I love what they’ve done in the photo, using leafy greens in a salute to spring.

Finally, this moss topiary:  I could totally make it!  Some moss, a foam floral cone, an old flowerpot, and some burlap are all the supplies I’d need.  I’m sure I could create these guys for under $10.  They’re upwards of $30 in the store, I think.

And these are just a few of the actual pieces I loved in the Pottery Barn store:

So what about you?  Am I the only one craving bits of greenery in the home right now?

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  1. February 7, 2010 11:44 PM

    ohhhh I love the first one! I am desperately in need of a plant stand, but all of the ones that I can find are always so icky looking!

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