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Clutter Control: Closet Clean-up

November 23, 2009

One night last week I raced home, just giddy at the prospect of spending the evening reorganizing my hall closet.
Sometimes I wonder if maybe I need a life.   Maybe I should get out more, party harder, and spend less time organizing.
Nah, I like my life just the way it is.  I just adore organization projects, and when you live in 900 sq feeet, you have to keep your four closets (yes, just four) neat and tidy.
So I popped a Netflix DVD in my laptop, grabbed a cup of mulled cider and went to town on this mess:

Before: Clutter had gotten out of control.

I pulled everything out of the space and sorted through every box and bin, eliminating everything I didn’t need.  Small-space living requires that you constantly edit your belongings, never letting too much “stuff” accumulate in your life.  In my case, I edit every time I reorganize a space.

I utilized the inside of the door better with an awesome over-the-door caddy and hook contraption I’d found for only $7 at TJ Maxx.  The wire bin holds my laundry detergents and cleaning items perfectly, while the hooks allow easy grabbing of a number of cleaning tools.

Don't overlook the storage options offered by a closet door!

Holiday decor had been stored in a huge plastic tub that was wedged into the bottom of the closet on its side.  I sorted the seasonal items into three green stacking storage bins from around the house – and was shocked and pleased that they fit perfectly into the space.

These cheap little bins from Target fit the bill.

This metal shelf unit had never served much purpose until now.  It was perfect for storing the old jars and tin cans I’ve been hording.  I didn’t want to recycle them when I know I can creatively re-use them.  (Note: if I owned my condo I would have given the closet a bright and cheery coat of paint.  But I don’t, so the walls stayed ugly.)

It's all about using what you already have. This little caddy was perfect for storing project supplies.

One of my first organizing projects in this condo, these little plastic bins (with carry handles) from – where else – Target have done wonders for keeping candles, pet supplies, tools, and camera supplies all contained.   I keep my screws, wall-fasteners, and other tiny hardware bits in little divided boxes – so I can always find whatever bit I’m looking for.

Everything has a place.

Bonus:  I cleared enough space to move my toiletry storage boxes from the bathroom to the closet.  I know they were painted to match the bathroom, but they seemed to trap a bit of hair on the floor.  Clearing that clutter out of the bathroom will make it easier to mop.   The cat littlerbox has to stay there, for lack of a better option, but I eeked out a bit more storage by setting the box on top of a storage bin.

It’s nothing glamorous or exciting, but a clean, organized closet sure makes life a lot easier!  And since I must have the door cracked open for the cat to access the facilities, at least guests will see a peek of an organized, not messy, space.

Everything in its place.

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  1. Julia permalink
    November 24, 2009 12:13 PM

    Love it Jane – We’ve been going nuts around here organizing as well. I must need a life too. I find such things exciting, just like you!

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