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Pottery Barn Sale – Awesome Deals

November 12, 2009

Update:  Wow, they sold out fast.  Too fast for me to get one.  So, the challenge is on:  I will DIY it!

Original post: 

Have I mentioned that I’ve been hearting Pottery Barn lately?  And when I saw these two items on the sale page, I just had to share. 

PB_Santiago Table Lamp_29Check out this gorgeous hand-blown glass lamp just begging for you to fill it with decorative items. Sea glass? Ferns? Sticks? Fall leaves for Thanksgiving? Cinnamon sticks and red berries for the holidays? Fake snow in January? At $29 marked down from $100, I just may have to add two to my home.  PB even has some Acorn Vase Filler and Cranberry Vase Filler, but I bet I could make (or scavenge) my own.

PB_Santiago Table Lamp

For spring (it’s never too soon to plan ahead, right?) you might want to grab this precious set of 3 hanging baskets with wall hooks. 

PB_Hanging Baskets_29

Well, that’s it.  Any items you’re jonesing for that are on unbelievable sales this month?

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