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Secondhand Score: This little light of mine

November 11, 2009

On a rainy Saturday a few weekends ago, the boyfriend and I spent a fun-filled day trolling through some grungy – and not so grungy – antique stores.  I prefer the grungy ones, the ones more like junk stores, rather than the clean, organized, upscale ones where the salespeople stare at me as though I’m still  too young to be safely shopping in their store. 

I drooled over lots of things that day,and was priding myself on my lack of impulse buying – when suddenly I spied a rusty old “Ship’s Light.”  It was priced too low for me to resist, and  it was on sale!  I’m not yet sure where I’ll put it to match my decor, but all I know is – I can work with this baby.  Someday I may spruce it up with my new best friend, spraypaint, but for now I like the rough and old look of the weatherbeaten metal.  It seems fitting for winter, as I can just imagine the bold little light glowing strong, protected from cold and rainy storms that battered many a ship in the sea. . . but I digress.  Here it is!
Vintage Ship's Light
A vintage ship’s light. Don’t you just love the rusty vintageness?
And with a candle in it. . .
Vintage Ship's Light 2

It's sure to add a cozy glow to my winter nights.

I’d love to find another one (or five) of these guys.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m hooked!

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