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Poolside Glamour: Miami’s Mondrian Hotel

November 4, 2009

Last April my good friend and I  hit the streets of South Beach for a few days of celebratory decade-birthday fun, and just happened to stumble on some fabulous decor while we were at it.  But how could we not?  It is Miami, after all.

Let’s take a peek at Miami’s own Mondrian Hotel, where we spent one glorious day hangin’  poolside in high style. 

We discovered the fabulosity that is the Mondrian’s pool during a delish birthday dinner at the restaurant’s Asia de Cuba restaurant.  When the maitre d’  invited us to return the next day and enjoy the private pool, bar, and lounge areas in the sunshine – well, we just couldn’t refuse.  Here’s why:

The Mondrian Hotel, designed by Marcel Wanders, is a very svelte and modernly glamorous place.  Nothing about it is small-scale, from the massive pillared driveway to the oversized, Alice-in-Wonderland type lobby, to the pinch-yourself-this-is-real  pool & lounge area overlooking the bay.  And that outdoor lounge just had me at hello. 

First, you may be green with envy:  Tucked behind the outdoor bar, and nestled alongside of the building is a precious lime-green sitting area.  That may have been the moment I fell in love with bright green for home decor.

Mondrian_Green Living Room

Cheery green sitting area by the Mondrian pool.

 But why sit there when you could be lounging with your chair in the sand, palm trees overhead, and gazing at the bay? 

Mondrian Pool Lounging Area

A lounging area, near the Mondrian pool and bar, with a view of the bay.

Or if the sun is just too much for you, you could just rent a boxwood cabana for the day.  Yes, you read that right.  These appeared to be living cabanas, formed solely out of boxwoods.  Beneath their graceful arches you and your very swanky friends can lounge on an enormous daybed, chandelier above you, gazing at not the view, but a flat-screen tv.  For those of us who can’t quite afford the cabanas just yet, or would rather be in the sun, never fear.  There are more fab-tastic seating areas just around the corner!

Mondrian Pool Boxwood Cabanas

"Living" pool cabanas at the Mondrian Hotel South Beach.

Several of these magnificent living rooms flanked the pool.  And this, my friends, is where Alyssa and I whittled away our time, feeling like we were the cat’s pajamas.  Which we are, of course.  What I would give for an outdoor area like this in my own residence . . .
Mondrian Outdoor Red Living Room

Sun begins to set at the uber-classy poolside of the Mondrian Hotel.

Just as an FYI, this is the sort of deliciousness you can sip on (after a good meal, of course) when you lounge poolside at the Mondrian.  The lemon-herb concoction on the right is my own creation.
Mondrian Cocktails

Yes, please.

And when you’ve had a full day of sun, fun, and libations, you can even use the restroom in high style, thanks to this swanky chandelier!
Mondrian Bathroom Chandelier

A gorgeous chandelier graces the bathroom of the Mondrian Hotel.

So that’s the short and sweet version of why I fell in love with the Mondrian Miami.  Thrifty tip:  Visit the pool and restaurant, but stay at a cheaper hotel! (I was very pleased with the $100-a-night basic but clean amenities at the friendly Island House.)

My posting was inspired by the South Beach post over at the Odi et Amo blog.  Be sure to check out her adventures, including her visit to Miami’s design district.  I can’t wait to check that out when I return to SoBe this winter!  And if you want to read more about my personal Miami shenanigans, or about the South Beach mutt who really knows how to beg, hop on over here!

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  1. November 4, 2009 10:40 AM

    You’re making me all nostalgic Jane! I grew up in Miami, and often went with my Dad to work (he worked in the south beach art deco district… two hours from our home in the suburbs!) The sight of the Bay… Lincoln Road Mall… sometimes I miss it.

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