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November 3, 2009

Let’s dish the dirt on material goods. 

As my blog “tagline” suggests, I live in a tiny and temporary home.  I love small-scale living, and have enjoyed pairng down my life to fit in the condo.

With a few exceptions.

I love clothes.  I love to do crafts. I love to refinish furniture and build things.  And I love to shop.

As I hinted at previously, in the 10 things about me, thrift-store shopping can have its downside, when you find too many good deals to bring home.  I know that the amount of money I’ve spent on silly little things over my lifetime probably could have bought me the slipcovered Pottery Barn couch I’m dying to have, or a gorgeous mid-century modern sofa, or the very large rug I’d like to buy for my paint-scarred living room floor. 

PB Square Slipcovered

The PB Square Slipcovered sofa I've been dreaming about. . .

Inspired by Katie’s “No New Clothes Challenge” over at Making This Home, I’ve decided to join the fun and challenge myself.  Not only to save closet space, but also to save money for things that I really want – things that will pull my home together and bring joy to me for a lifetime, in future borrowed (and hopefully owned) abodes.  Clothes?  Who needs clothes?  Forget the clothes.  They’re only going to go out of style or wear out, anyway.  And I have enough to keep me going for a good while. 

And one more thing:  Lately I’ve been working at sewing new clothes out of old clothes.  I’m currently crafting a sweater dress out of two old sweaters that I didn’t really love.  I’ll have to share the results with you all soon.

As for my penchant for thrifting?  Well, I’m going to challenge myself to take it one step further this holiday season.  Rather than thrifting for myself, I’m going to try and thrift for others, making them gifts out of thrifted finds, if possible.  It’s not only easier on the wallet, it’s better for the environment – and their gifts are sure to be unique!

What about you?  Any decluttering or thrifty challenges you’re taking on for the holiday season?

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  1. November 3, 2009 10:38 AM

    What is this challenge! Darn, I have to go to work, but I shall check it out later. Looks very interesting…

  2. November 4, 2009 12:04 PM

    Oh cool! I’m so glad that you’re taking on a No Clothes challenge, too. I like hearing your perspective. And I LOVE the idea of thrifting for gifts for others. I want to ask you to share the ideas on your blog but hmm… I fully realize that’s not exactly possible.
    I still haven’t forgotten about the 10 Things About Me that you wrote or that you asked me to do one, too. Still thinking on it!

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