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Inspiration: Viva Terra, Pottery Barn Living Room

September 16, 2009

Viva Terra_PB Living Room Mood Board

Every so often I like to take a little shopping trip . . . virtually, that is.  It’s fun, it’s free, and the sky’s the limit.  This living room mood board is inspired by the beautiful and sustainable furnishings offered by Viva Terra, a store dedicated to “living in harmony with nature.”   Its earthy and organic aesthetic evoked a decor style that I’d term “modern rustic cabin.”  Clean lines meet rough-hewn reclaimed wood (often railroad ties) while incorporating accents of forged iron and hammered silver.  I rounded out the space with a few cozy favorites from Pottery Barn.  With the earthy theme going – well, I couldn’t help but bring in my most favorite candlesticks and lamp ever

I pulled this space together not to match perfectly, but to combine some favorite furnishings.  So what do you think; does it go together well enough or is it a bit too un-matchy-matchy?

1.    Let’s start with this Modular Media Center from Viva Terra.  It’s green, modern, modular.  Crafted from reclaimed colonial-era teak and ironwood Indian railroad ties, it’s full of character and dark brown wood tones – and creosote free.  To give the room a bit of a cohesive look without becoming too matchy-matchy, I paired it with the

2.  Railroad Tie Coffee Table (on sale now!) which is fabulously asymmetrical and expandable, thanks to the smaller table that stores underneath the large one.  If you need even more storage/table space, there’s also a matching dining table, as well as a console table and set of three reclaimed wood nesting tables.

3.  This is my favorite “classic” sofa from Pottery Barn.  Made in the good ‘ole USA, the PB Comfort Sofa boasts “eco-friendly, soy-based cushions, sustainably harvested wood, and recycled steel springs.”  It’s cozy and durable, can be accessorized to blend with almost any decor, and it comes with over 95 options for slipcovers – so it’s definitely family and pet friendly.  If I were in the market for a sofa, this sofa would be the Romeo to my Juliet.  (Minus the tragedy, ’cause it’s eco-friendly.)  But I digress…

4.  I didn’t have a lot of room for textiles and accessories on this mood board, but I had to throw in Viva Terra’s Merino Applique & Silk Velvet Throw Pillows – because I just love ’em.  And if your room can’t stand another second without these warm reds and greens, you can get them right now on sale for 60% off!

5. This hand-chiseled Twisty Stool is carved from a single block of Monkey Pod Wood.  Don’t you just love how the twists and turns accentuate the beautiful wood grain?  It’s perfect for setting near your favorite chair, or better yet – pair a short one and a tall one by your sofa. 

6.  I love how this whimsical, pear-shaped Recycled Glass Terrarium  brings a bit of life into the room.  Those are air plants living inside it.  Air plants! I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to kill them, so this bit of greenery is practically fool-proof, as is the

7.  Hand-braided jute rug, which holds up to even the roughest wear and tear from canine collisions and other animal antics.  It’s easy to keep clean, eco-friendly, and more affordable than woven wool and silk rugs. 

8. Despite the dark iron accents on the coffee table and entertainment center, I couldn’t help but incorporate this Hammered Drum Stool into the room.  It’s always great to have modular pieces of lightweight furniture so that you can move them around to suit any situation, from needing an extra seat for guests, or a spot to rest a drink.  Better yet, this recycled aluminum piece can even be moved outdoors should the need arise.   

9.  Because every room is “enlightened” by the addition of a mirror,  I’m jonesing to have this Natural Edge Mirror, with its rough-hewn wooden frame. 

10-11.  Last, but certainly not least, the piece de resistance!  I have loved the Enchanted Forest  series by Michael Aram from the moment I first laid eyes on them at Macy’s.  The rugged and organic silver lines of this floor lamp and candelstick set would tie in the recycled aluminum stool.  Don’t you just love the tree branch design?  They can enchant my room anytime. 

So that’s it, folks.  During this cloudy fall weather I can practically feel myself curling up in this cozy room in a  cabin in the mountains.  What do you think?  Do the silver tones work with the dark iron accents and rough-hewn wood furniture?  Love it? Hate it?  I definitely want to know!

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  1. September 18, 2009 10:06 AM

    I don’t like matching every piece of furniture, it looks too much like a furniture store.

    If you are selecting pieces you love, your heading in the right direction.

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