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Reader Q: Canvassing for Ideas

September 10, 2009

Now that I have hung my awesomely large modern painting in my living room, I am finally able to decide what to hang on the other walls.  As I’m on a budget (the kind that doesn’t include, heaven forfend,  purchases of  professional art) I’d like to make a piece of art (maybe 2’x3′ or 3’x4′) to hang on one of the other walls. 

I know I won’t be the first to make my own art.  Julia did it at Open Hand Living.  Sherry does it often at Young House Love.  Dixie did it at Dixie DIY.  And I know there’s many more of you out there who have done the same thing.  (Just can’t remember specifics right now!)

But I need a vision.   I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration pieces.  I’m hoping to do something along the lines of a mid-century modern work, but at the same time don’t just want to paint a blue square on a white canvas and call that art.    I don’t want to exactly copy a piece either – I’d like to take inspiration from several works and create something unique to me.  Here are some inspirations I’ve found so far:

Controlable Chaos, 2005, by Tonya Newton  (Photo credit:  Retro At Home)

Controlable Chaos 2005 Tonay Newton

Mid-century Vase Art (title unknown) by Robert Lyons (Photo credit:

I really like the simple yet playful lines of these vases.  This is probably the one I’m most likely to emulate in my art attempt.

Robert Lyons MCM Vase Art

MCM painting, artist unknown (Photo credit: Fabulousmess on Etsy)

I also looove this one.  It’s like flowers exploded on a canvas.  However, I bet this style is harder to recreate.

MCM Art_Fabulousmess on Etsy

MCM-inspired painting by Dixie DIY blogger Dixie Davis, 2009
Don’t you love how, after seeing a museum exhibit on mid-century art,  Dixie took matters into her own hands and crafted this simple yet stunning piece of art?

DixieDIY Blog Square Art

So, readers, any thoughts on the above art?  I’m leaning towards making a MCM vase-inspired painting, but in bolder colors than the example above.  Have any thoughts on what would or would not work?  Have any examples of your own homemade art to share?

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  1. September 10, 2009 12:41 PM

    Hi Jane! Thanks for the shout out and all your comments at the blog. It is appreciated!

  2. September 10, 2009 3:54 PM

    Thank you for stopping by to see me, so glad you did. I admire contemporary art, but have never tried to make any myself.

    Those are some cute kitties you have. HOpe you’ll come back and see me again.

  3. Jeff permalink
    June 29, 2011 10:41 PM

    The artist that did the vases name is Robert Lyons.

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