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Frugal Friends: Bright Little Guest Room

August 17, 2009

It’s time for another visit to Crysty and Andrew’s new home, this time to peek at how this frugal chick created an uber-cheap guest room that is small on cost but large on comfort.

The room was not large, nor was it particularly inviting when they moved in.  Here’s a look at what they had to work with – a row of windows (yay!) but some horribly unpainted wood moulding and doors.  Now don’t get my wrong, wood moulding can look bee-utiful if it’s high quality and in the right room.  This moulding was your bare-bones basic stuff, and it just needed some paint to make it work.

Guest Room Before

In typical Crysty fashion, the room was given a bright color palette of lavender and beige, and the doors and trim spruced up with clean white paint.  She replaced the wire shelving with some personalized art. 

Did I mention yet that in addition to being awesome, Crysty happens to be an incredibly talented photagrapher?  Check out that framed photo of her little sister April.  Yes, Crysty herself shot that.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  And it’s fitting for the guest room, which April refers to as “her” room. 

Guest Room After1

This bed rests on a very practical and sturdy frame that Crysty constructed on the cheap.  I stand corrected:  she created it “on the free,” which is even better than on the cheap!  She found free wooden shipping pallets on Craigslist, drove them home, and stacked them in such a way that they are just the size of the bed.  Is she creative or what?? 

She topped off the bed with this gorgeous organic cotton comforter set on sale at Walmart.  And, in lieu of end tables in this tiny room, she placed a small bookshelf behind the bed to hold drinks, books, etc.

Guest Room After2

That’s it for today, folks.  Check back soon, as the next Frugal Friends visit we’re cooking up is the kitchen makeover.  AND, if you’re curious to see some of Crysty’s gorgeous nature photography, don’t go far.  We’re setting up an online store and hope to be selling some of her prints in the next few weeks!

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