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Frugal Friends: Around-the-World Living Room

August 14, 2009

When one of my very best friends (and her fiance)  scored an awesome deal on a bank-owned home in Richmond, VA, I was excited by just how much it oozed DIY potential.  While I haven’t been able to get down there to help as much as I’d like (yet), Crysty and Andrew are quickly transforming their house from dingy to delish with a lot of hard work and only a little cash.  As I post photos of their many rooms over the next few weeks, I’m sure you’ll catch on quickly that Crysty has a flair for color.

On the day Crysty carried Andrew across the threshold, this is the glaringly red living room that greeted them:

Living Room Before 2 

Red walls with woood trim and a white accent wall?  Eep!

Living Room Before

Within a matter of days and that harsh red room was transformed to a warm and soothing ’round-the-world tour featuring some of Crysty’s treasures scored on overseas mission trips.  (I’m loving that batik flower art on the yellow wall.)  The only real expense, besides a few gallons of Walmart paint, was the sofa/loveseat set, snagged on sale for only $600. 

Living Room After1

 I almost gasped – wait, I did gasp – when I saw the beautiful mid-century-modern armchair she found for $20 at a yard sale.  Doesn’t it make an inviting reading spot sitting by that cheerful sunny window with her $10 table? 

And speaking of bright, sunny windows, I am loving this one.  The white paint on the trim really sets it off against that yellow wall, allowing it to look fabulous without any drapes or blinds!

Living Room After2

 I also love how Crysty used a vintage steamer trunk with a fabric runner as a side table.  It really adds to the “around-the-world” theme.

Living Room After3

That’s it for today.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about her other rooms which, if you love color, you do NOT want to miss!

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