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Thrifty Fix: “Tie One On” Pillow Cover

August 7, 2009

When I was whipping up my Scarfing Solution the other day I came across a gorgeous silk scarf with muted browns and blues that I just love.  It’s larger than those that I usually wear, and the colors matched my guest room, so I improvised a quick-n-easy pillow cover out of the scarf. 


The pillow before:

Furry Pillow

I laid out the scarf and set the pillow on top of it.

Tie Scarf on Pillow 1

I brought up the opposite corners of the scarf, tying them snugly in the middle of the pillow.  I then did the same for the other two corners.

Tie Scarf on Pillow 2

Ta-dah! With those simple steps, a quick and temporary pillow cover was born!  Isn’t that a fun way to display scarves you love while changing up the look of your pillows?   Do you have any quick-n-easy ways to “cheat” in decorating?

Projects 011

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