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The not-so-productive project weekend

July 27, 2009

This weekend I had a list. A big, long list. I had ten reasonable projects listed on said list. I planned to finish each and every one of them. And I planned to revel in the glory of my weekend completions by posting updates and photos right here all week long.

Sadly, I have nothing to share. A few key things delayed my progress:

  • Friday night I worked late, and spent hours collecting supplies at Michael’s, Home Depot, and multiple fabric stores for the aforementioned projects.
  • I got home and fought with my sewing machine for over an hour.
  • I woke up Saturday morning sick as a dog. My productivity flew right out the window.

Therefore, I had time to determine this one thing: There’s nothing more frustrating than laying around, exhausted, headache-y, and nauseous, staring at work just waiting to be done – and knowing you’re too incapacitated to do it. And knowing the clock is ticking down the hours until your weekend is over, and those two precious days of home improvement time are being squandered.

Sigh. At least I finished the bedroom on Sunday. I’ll have photos posted by tomorrow.

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  1. Julia permalink
    July 27, 2009 6:22 PM

    Awww Jane. Don't feel bad. Even when we don't get ill, it's really hard to complete projects – something always gets in the way.

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