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The many phases of DIY decor

July 23, 2009

Does this sound familiar?

You tackle a home decorating project with just a few items on the list. You glance at a few magazines, scan a few blogs, read a few books, and next thing you know – you’re inspired by a multitude of more project ideas, and tack them on your list. A few inspired cycles later, you’re faced with a to-do list that would intimidate even the toughest HGTV design show host.

Realizing that my decorating and DIY to-do list has entered this vicious cycle, I’ve started thinking that rooms must be completed in phases – otherwise, I’ll never feel like I’m done. Here’s a little breakdown of how I’m starting to view the phases. (Note: these are thoughts-in-progress!)

Phase 1: The Basics
A blank slate kicks off the start of Phase 1. It’s all about pulling the room together so that you’ve got a clean and coordinated space that is ready for guests, even if it is a little sparse. Start by creating a mood board to visualize the finished product. (Need inspiration? See this one at YoungHouseLove or this one at OpenHandLiving.) You’ll want to paint the walls, find and lay out your main furnishings, score some window treatments, and hang some key pieces of art. Your room will be clean and coordinated. But it may be a little bare, and you’ll be thinking of a million things you could do to really tweak the space. . . and that’s when you’re on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Fun with Accents and Accessories!
Now that you’ve built the basics, it’s time to add some more acceessories, and maybe throw in a few simple DIY projects. Customzie your curtains with ribbons or trim? Refinish or paint a table? Paint an accent wall? That’s right, now you get to play with that basic room you’ve created, spicing it up and adding some personal flair.

Phase 3: Delving into DIY
Phase three really takes it to a whole new level, providing even more fun projects for you once you’ve created a great, and personal, space. These phase 3 projects are great to do, but not necessary. You can tackle some serious DIY projects, such as upholstering major furnishings or switching up your accessories to fit with the seasons. I know there’s more to it, but I’m still thinking on this one. :)

Stay tuned for updated thoughts on my three phases!

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  1. Julia permalink
    July 23, 2009 6:30 PM

    Yay – love it! Thanks for the mention. I'm glad you liked that little mood board. Cool works in progress by the way.

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