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Inspiration: West Elm Living Room

July 16, 2009

Right now I’m really digging the browns, blues, and grays offered in many accessories from West Elm. I threw together a little living room inspiration on a mood board just for fun. And in the process, I discovered that, for me at least, throwing together inspiration boards was as fun as shopping!

Unfortunately this color scheme doesn’t really jive with the painting I’m hanging in my living room – otherwise, this would definitely be the living room for me!

1. Modular chocolatey brown couch. Easy to change up, easy to keep clean, neutral enough to allow color scheme changes when you get bored with blue, brown, gray. Enough said.

2. I love these African-print sheer curtain panels. Light and airy, but with a fun design that makes them more contemporary and stylish, and less like the sheer curtains your grandma hung all over her house.

3. This woven rattan floor pouf from Urban Outfitters is actually on my list for my living room to bring in some earthy tones. And I think it goes great with the blue and grey tones of this room.

4. The Trifecta Nesting Tables from Urban Outfitters are awesome! What a great way to get three tables in one, but store them compactly when you don’t need them. The glass design is an added bonus to keep things feeling light and uncluttered.

5. Another piece that I’ve planned to purchase for my living room, this retro mid-century modern GLAMOR wall clock from EQ3 rocks my world. It will tie in nicely with the glass and chrome of the nesting tables.

6. The West Elm pillows that started it all. Love the colors and patterns.

7. This fun and unique branch wall shelf from West Elm, priced high at $99, is another reason for the mood board, especially the part about it being just for fun. But wouldn’t it bring in another nice organic and earthy touch to the room?

8. Finally, this blue and chocolate rug would pull it all together. I like how the irregular stripes imitate the look of branches.

So there you have it – my first ever experiment with crafting a mood board. I think I just found a new hobby! Stay tuned for my real living room mood board in a few days.

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  1. toddnjami permalink
    July 17, 2009 1:40 AM

    I love that look! I think I'll enjoy following this blog!

  2. Julia permalink
    July 20, 2009 7:05 PM

    Hey Jane! Thanks for your comments – they are always so helpful. I found another killer headboard that was great – it had all these curves and center panels that could have been popped out and upholstered as well! Keep an eye out – there are opportunities everywhere!

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